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tv   North Carolina Senate Debate  CSPAN  September 3, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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i'm thom tillis. i approve this message. lets make this right. >> hi. i'm kay hagan. one of the things i love about north carolina, is that unless you're talking basketball, you don't have to pick a team. republican, democrat, it's -- if the idea works for middle class families i'm all for it. i approve this message because i was so proud when i was ranked not too far left, not too far right, just like most carolina ans. >> our coverage continues. nell >> also too many, raffle nader and the president of america for
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tax reform will be at the national press club to talk about how republicans can work together. that's live beginning at 1:00 p.m. eastern. kaytonight's debate between hagan and thom tillis. > this is the north carolina debate. te candidate's
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ere's our moderator nora o'donnell. >> good evening and thank you for joining us for the first of two north carolina association of broadcasters educational foundation senate debate. i'm delighted to be here as your moderator. first, let's introduce the candidates. to your right is speaker thom tillis, the republican candidate for the united states senate. speaker tillis currently serves as the speaker of the house in north carolina's state ledge late yure. >> welcome, speaker tillis. >> thank you, nora. kay your left is senator hagan. she is currently a u.s. senator from north carolina. welcome. >> thank you. >> before we begin, we will start with opening statements following those the candidates will respond to questions that
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have been provided by members of the state's broadcast media along with input from me. for the northwest part of the debate, the candidates will have an opportunity to ask each other questions directly. finally, the debate will conclude with closing statements. we want you to know which candidate would go first were determined prior to this debate by the candidate and their campaigns. speaker tillis will make the first opening statement and will also receive the first question. so let's begin. speaker tillis. >> thufment it's time for somebody in north carolina to cross party lines and finally getting something done. voting 92% with the president, whether you agree with him or not, doesn't work here in north carolina. kay hagan said that in 2008. then kay got elected and she's voted with president obama 9 a5% of the time.
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by kay's own standard she's failed the people of north carolina. that's why i'm running for u.s. snate. i know what it's like raising a family, struggling to make ends meet and going to college at night. as the speaker of the house i cleaned up some of the mess kay left behind in raleigh. as a u.s. senator, i won't be a rubber stamp for barack all -- obama and harry reid. if you're tired of the rhetoric and you want results, please vote for tom till es. >> thank you, senator tillis. senator hagan, your turn. >> thank you. tonight is about presenting voters with a choice on how to move our states forward. i approach this job with common sense solving problems and how we can put our middle class first and making the economy
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work for everyone. but speaker tillis has different priorities, the wrong priorities. and every opportunity he has fought for policies that are taking our state backwards. he's put tax cuts for millionaires and big corporations before our students, before women, before our middle class, and ultimately before our future. tonight, you will be able to examine our true priorities. please listen to whom we're fighting for. speaker tillis feels that those who have the most should get the most help. i believe that our middle class and small businesses come first, and the economy should work not just for the welty, but for everyone. >> thank you, senator hagan. the first question goes to speaker tillis. just yesterday a new are video of a second american being executed by isis, -- this
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morning while overseas the president vowed to degrade and destroy the terrorist group. he has already authorized air strikes in iraq. the focus is now on syria. how do you think the administration should proceed? does the u.s. need to strike isis in syria to protect american national security? >> first we have to realize months ago president obama was calling isis the j.v. last week, he was referring after the beheading of the first jirnlist he came and expressed regret. a few days later he said we don't have a strategy for isis. how on earth can you not have a strategy for an organization that's almost 10 years ago? they have roots in syria. they're actually taking over a country that men and women of the armed forces of the united states fought -- fought for and held ground. we are seeing a backward trend. this is an example where
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president obama has failed the people of this country and kay hagan has been silent with this action. we've got to make this country and this world saver. today it's less safe than when kay went into office. >> should the -- >> i think the u.s. should take all actions to protect american citizens and protect freedom-loving people all over the country. i think the president to a certain extent now trying to solve a problem that his inaction created. so i think the president who's responsible for foreign policy that he's failed on needs to start acting and showing some leadership. i think senator hagan needs to demand that he did, particularly in a state that has one of pt largest military presence in the united states. >> senator hagan, same question to you. does the u.s. need to strike isis in syria to protect america's national security?
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, i think one of the issues here is that the president should have weaponized the modern remember ells earlier. i believe that isis is the most serious threat to our national security since 9/11. i have never seen a more evil terrorist group than this entity. the fact that they have just recently beheaded the second american journalist, this is a direct attack on the united states. time is up. action must be taken. the president needs to bring a resolution. he needs to bring a plan to congress. and i am at the point where, yes, i want him to do that. i want to look at it and i want to take action. >> so you do believe that there should be strikes in syria? , yeah, i believe we need to work with the moderate syrian rebels. i think the fact we have the most capable air surveillance
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groups in the country, this is an issue that's really a threat not just to syrians but to iraq. look at what's going on in iraq right now. we need to work with our allies and be the strongest military in the world. i do believe -- i want to see the president's plan and i'm ready to take action. >> speaker tell is, would you like to reply? >> yeah, i think it's extraordinary that senator hagan says now that isis is one of the greatest threats globally and we have a president that doesn't have a strategy for it. we've seen the beheadings of two americans over the last two weeks. the president announced his regret for the beheading and played a round of golf. the american people deserves bert than that and kay hagan should be it demanding -- >> i have said that one of the
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faults that the president didn't arm the moderate syrian remember ells earlier in order to prevent isis from having the ability to grow and recruit to use the social media at the extent they're doing. they are the most serious threat facing the country today. we need to take action. time is up. but the president does need to bring a plan and i am ready to support. i am ready to support and do what needs to be done to take isis out. >> senator hagan, thank you. . next question goes to you. health care has been a big topic in this senate race. the affordable care act also known as obamacare is currently the law of the land and its problems with its implementation have been well documented. senator hagan, you voted for it. senator tell is, you want to repeal it. if re-elected what would you do
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to improve the health care north carolinaians receive? >> i talk to people all across north carolina and they tell me they want us to fix and improve this law, and that is exactly what i'm doing. but when i look at speaker repeal oes, he wants to this law. women would pay more. seniors would pay more than they're paying today. their prescriptions would be much more. and if you have a preexisting condition, it forget about the ability of health care. that is not what our seniors want, or the american people. the other thing speaker tillis would support. he supports a budget that would turn medicare into a bachelor program. and, seniors, this woo mean final -- financial insecurity, higher costs and it would take
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our seniors back. medicare turning into a bachelor program is not good for our seniors. i don't think speaker tillis understand the needs of american people. >> what would you do to improve the quality of health square that north carolinaians receive? >> i wouldn't pass obamacare, which is going to bankrupt this country and fail to fulfill the promises that they made. and kay knows a little bit about promises that are not going to be fulfilled. on 24 different occasions when kay was trying to defend her vote on obamacare, she said if you like your doctor you can keep it. 475,000 policy cancellations have come across this state. i'm wondering at what point in time that kay still believes she's still keeping the promise
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she made. obamacare takes $700 billion away from medicare to pay for it. it is financially flawed and it's not sustainable. the promises have already been broken and they're going to be worse as we go forward. it's going to have an effect on on medicare and medicaid. >> senator hagan, would you reply, specifically the charge when you said you can keep? >> certainly, nora. some insurance companies were not being up front with their consumers. at soon as this came to my aeanings last fall, i immediately sponsored legislation allowing those plans to become permanent. that is what took place in north carolina. i think what we need to look at is the fact that speaker tillis has denied medicaid expansion in north carolina. that's 500,000 neam could get coverage. these people still get sick. they go to the emergency room.
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it's the most expensive care there is. just today in the newspaper in greenville, north carolina, they were talking about e.c.u. were having unbelievable problems because of no medicaid expansion. we've already had one hospital close in bell haven. speaker tell is is proud of the fact that he hasn't expanded medicaid. >> a reminder to keep to the time. speaker tillis, would you like to reply to the charge about denying med dade expansion? to would like to go back the fundamental problem. kay hagan has failed north carolina. i want the best health care in the world. we already have it. why are we destabilizing 250 million americans when are satisfied with their insurance? kay hagan has basically said that the government determined, even though you were satisfied with your health care, she determined it was insufficient
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and that's why 475,000 households have received cancellation notices. >> the next question goes to speaker tillis. education funding and teacher pay is a big issue in this campaign. voters in this state have no doubt seen many of the television ads. both of you have stressed the importance of recruiting and retaining qualified teachers. in your view, what is the best way to do that? >> first, i think we have to recognize that we passed this year one of the largest pay increases for teachers in the last generation. we were able to do that because of the hard decisions we made when we came in to clean up a lot of the mess when kay hagan left behind when she went from raleigh to weak. i volunteered if bub lick school all the time my kids were going to school. teachers tell me they want the freedom to teach the kids. they don't want washington bureaucrats who on average make
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102,000 a year tell teachers how to teach schools. they're taking freedom out of the classroom and preventing teachers from being able to ino innovate. we need pay our teachers top salaries. we need to add to that. but we also need to get the federal government out of the way and stop having them force decisions on these teachers. they know how to educate our children. they want to do that for our kids. we should let them do it. >> senator hagan, your view on the best way to keep our teachers. >> we need to respect our teachers and pay them. in north carolina, education has always been a bipartisan priority. i wrote state budgets for six years. during my six years teachers got a 21% pay raise. every child, every parent knows the value of a great teacher,
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except speaker tillis. let me tell you what he said. he said teachers don't care about their kids, they don't care about their classrooms. all they care about are their jobs and their pensions. those are his words. not mine. and his priorities even speak louder than his words. the fact that he gave tax cuts to the millionaires, he cut education by 500 million dollars. that means fewer teachers in the lassroom, larger class sizes andout dated teach books. >> speaker tell es, you get a reply. >> two numbers, 7 and 150. -- 10. 7% in north carolina make ause nationally competitively. 10, the number kay hagan served in the legislate late yure and she allowed the kinds of tax breaks to be on the books. she decided when times got rough
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she would impose a temporary sales tax increase that harms the poor and working class more than anywhere else. i fulfilled a promise. i repealed that sales tax when i became speaker in 2011 >> senator hagan, you get a reply. >> north carolina is 48th in the nation in what we spend per pupil. unbelievable. and speaker tillis is bragging about that. for teetyures who have been in the system for many years, his 7% raise is a .3 raise. we need to do bitter by our students, teachers, parents and state. we didn't become the strait where the weak go strong and the strong grow great by gutting public education. >> senator hagan, for several years congress has talked about
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fixing the immigration system in this country. president obama has -- first, what do you think of that approach and second, should the president be able to take such executive action? >> nora, i've actually said that the president should not take that executive action, that that should be a congressional decision. but immigrationst broken in our country. inaction is not an option. i talked to the farm bureau, business leaders, the chamber of commerce and they all wanted to work together to support a common sense bipartisan immigration reform bill, which is exactly what i did. i have a feeling speaker tillis is going to talk about border security issues tonight. this bill that we passed that was barn has doubled the number of border security agent agents. it makes a 700 mile long fence on the mexican, u.s. fence.
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it enforces security. and this this was i a mprehensive bill worked with democrats and republicans. speaker tillis has no plan to solve our immigration system. >> and speaker tillis, same question to you, should the president be able to take this executive action? >> the president right now considers the branches of government to be the executive branch, his pen, and his phone. he's completely disregarded the legislative process and branch in this discussion and he has failed to address the immigration problem. the immigration problem has been a bipartisan failure. for years, presidents and congressional members have talking about ceiling the border. not allowing amnesty. i think that's a clossal mistake. knew, we talk about how easy it is to seal the border.
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we fail to seal the border dating all the way back to the reagan border. a strong nation needs a strong border. we have to seal the border. then we have to solve the problems that exist as a result of inaction. kay hagan in 2008 said she was going to it go work to solve immigration and they got a bill that went nowhere. >> senator haguen, you get to reply. >> this bill is a common sense immigration reform bill. there will be 40,000 boarder security agents. this bill is not amnesty. and as i said, it is bipartisan in nature. it is time for the house and congress to take this legislation up. >> speaker tillis, you also get a reply. >> there's a difference between what you say and what you do.
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senator hagan said that she wanted to direct the president not to act yunelat rally, yet when republicans tried to pass an amendment that would force the president to do just that, she voted against it. leadership is something you do. it's not something you say. you can talk about ceiling the border and bass passing the bills but if you get nothing done -- kay hagan has not authored a bill in six years that's gone to the president's day. we need somebody who is going to get it done. >> the next question goes to speaker tillis. this summer the supreme court said hobby lobby could opt out providing contraception to their employees. dowl agree with this ruling? >> well, first, i believe that contraception should be available possibly more broadly than it is today.
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the hobby lobby decision was not about contraception. if was about if a private business decides to open business they haven't suddenly given up their right to religious freedom. i actually agree with the american medical association that we should make contraception more widely available. i think oral the -- over the counter oral contraception should be available without prescription. you would actually increase the access and reduce the barriers for having more option fors women for contraception. kay hagan, i suspect with the support that's she's getting from the farm suital industry may have a variety of reasons not to put it on counter. that's how you improve access and reduce costs. >> same question. >> i disagree with the hobby lobby dis-- decision. it does allow employers to deny
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access to birth control for their female employees. you know, when women best interests are on the line, i will never babbling down. i support equal pay for equal work. i didn't raise my two daughters to think they were worth .82 cents on the dollar. i have always stood up for access to women's health care. speaker tillis doesn't. i support employers being able to give access to birth control for their employees. speaker tillis has defunded planned parenthood. the only state that i know of that's actually know of that's actually done that. when i look at speaker tillis's record on women it is abysmal. i will fight for them and he will not. >> speaker tillis, would you like to reply? >> religious freedom is a
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bedrock principle that this nation was built on. -- look, we need to separate two issues. when we're talking about taxpayer funding for contraception that's different access. the reamount is i would like kay hagan to consider making a commitment to let's find ways to broaden access and lower costs. it will benefit the very women that she pretends to advocate for. >> senator hagan. >> once again senator tillis doesn't understand the needs of women. prescription drugs includes birth control. he is denying women the rights through their employers. he is singling out certain
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employees. i totally disagree with his issue. i think he's out of touch with women and doesn't understand their needs. >> the next question goes to senator hagan. north carolina is home to 770,000 military vet rabsrans. service 00 active duty members. president obama addressed mismanagement and delayed care at v.a. facilities. in your view, what else needs to be done? >> nora, north carolina is the most military friendly state in the nation. and i come from a strong militaries family. my husband is a vietnam veteran. my dad and brother were in the navy. my father-in-law was a major general in the marine core. i have two nephews on active duty. i take these issues seriously and personally. our vets have put their lives to
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support. their lives should not be at risk when they come up. i have demanded better from the president. and i have demanded the fact that we need to support our v.a. please read the v.a. accountability bill. when i saw secret waiting lists backlogs up to the ceiling, i worked in winston-salem to help resolve the issues. fayetteville, north carolina needed leasehold space. i have gotten that taken care of and gotten it done. >> same question, what else needs to be done? >> in 2008, kay stood at a podium very similar to this and she said the v.a. has problems that need to be fixed. for five and a half years kay hagan has been in washington, i haven't heard her pounding the the with barack obama and
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veterans administration -- we have -- we're having some of the worst problems. waiting lists. you know, these men and women swore an oath to protect us and lay down their lives for our freedom. to come in here and say i solved the problem in fatheville, i answered a phone call here when the fundamental problem, kay hagan knew it was broke in 2008. she's failed to fix it and she's failed our veterans in north carolina as a result. we need strong leadership and we need to hold this president and the administration accountable for their failure. >> senator hagan. >> let's talk about results. a man's daughter died of leukemia based on toxic water. from the first day i was in office i helped find answers and
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care for the victims. we passed a bill that allowed health care for the families of victims of camp la june. i support our veterans and they know it. >> speaker tillis. >> in that case, kay may have done her job. but in so many other instances she's failed to do her job. we need to take care of them. we need to move heaven and earth not for one or two cases, but for the hundreds of cases that we're hearing about from the inspector general. this is unacceptable. it was unacceptable in 2008 when kay said she was going to go to washington and fix it. it's unacceptable in 2014 when the problem got worse. >> in april, the u.s. voted moving forward with a brill that would have gradually increased the federal minimum wage to
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$10.10. since then, some states have raised the minimum wage. right now north carolina's min malm is the same as the federal wage, $7.25. is that enough for the workers of north carolina? >> other states have taken action. this is something i believe is best left to the states. she's done it with obamacare. she's done it by supporting the e.p.a. regulations that's going to add 1,200 dollars in related costs. i talked to a business owner last week and he said that if we're not careful between the regulatory overreach and these other burdens being placed on small businesses he's going to go out of business. he's a business that's only made a profit two months out of the last 12 months. we need to understand the job killing consequences of these
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sorts of policies. this is not something that kay hagan going to washington should agree with washington politicians about how we actually deal with that issue in north carolina. i trust the citizens in north carolina to make that decision. >> is $7.25 enough? >> well, you know what, if kay hague han has her way and the cost of health care goes up 11% and if kay hagan has her way and the e.p.a. increases energy costs by $1,200 a year and if kay hagan has her way the costs are going up and the problem is we're creating this mindset that we have a minimum wage economy that most people are going to be on minimum wage. i want to create an economy where minimum wage is a stepping stone to higher paying jobs so people can reach their dreams.
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>> is $7.25 enough for workers in north carolina? >> i support the minimum wage. jobs and making e-- making the ea con mee is my number one priority. i do support increasing the minimum wage. speaker tillis said doing that is a dangerous idea and these are his words, we shouldn't even have a federal minimum wage. he said that workers in western north carolina shouldn't earn the same federal minimum wage as the workers in boost. i think the best way to grow the economy and to have good jobs is a good education, is a sound education. and look again at what speaker tillis has done in our great state of north carolina, he has given tax cuts to the wealthy and he is paying for it by gutting education, $500 million
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from our education system. and teachers are leaving in droves. people tillis has the wrong priorities for jobs and the economy. >> speaker tillis. >> you know, i grew up and i worked for minimum wage for several years. what i want from government is for it to get out of my way so i can realize my dreams. what kay hagan is to provide you this sense that there's nothing more than minimum wage. who in this country, what leader would settle for an economy that's based on a minimum wage? it's a stepping stone that through education and hard work you should get past very quickly. senator hagan doesn't understand the ultimate decision about minimum wage should rest in the state. let the folk folks here decide what's right for north carolina. >> senator hagan, a reply. >> obviously speaker tillis hasn't done anything in this
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regard so he's ok with the $7.25 minimum wage. i talk to business leaders all the time and they are concerned about jobs in north carolina because of what speaker tillis has done to our education system. they're worried about teachers not being paid. they're worried about teachers leaving. they're worried about students not coming into the college of education system where they can be educated to become teachers. the most important thing for businesses and economy is a sound education and speaker -- speaker tillities is taking us back. >> the unemployment rate is 6.5%. as of july, north carolina offers the fewest weeks of unemployment benefits of any state in the nation. speaker tillis, you've dealt with this issue at a state level, and senator hagan, you've dealt with it at a federal level, what is the best solution to support the long term
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unemployed? >> we are the only state in the nation hr his leadership that changed the unemployment insurance formula. so 170,000 people in north carolina became ineligible to receive federal unemployment benefits. you know, folks, he actually said no to $780 million that would have come in to north carolina, helped our rural economy, helped the unemployed. because he favored helping the business community, he was unable to do that. once again one of the best ways we can work on creating jobs and growing this economy is being sure we have a fair and more simpler tax system which i'm certainly working on in congress. and to have a good education system. every c.e.o. that comes into my office in washington says the best thing that we have in north carolina is a great work ethic of our people but they're worried about education. >> speaker tillis, your response. >> i tell you, kay's answer
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leads me to believe she hasn't been in north carolina lately. we did make the difficult decision to not extend the unemployment benefits, long term unemployment benefits and the consequence of that was to go from 10.4% unemployment to 6.5. we're putting people back to work and giving them the opportunity to be free of government dependence. we're giving them to go -- the motivation to go to school and enjoy the fruits of their labor. kay said she talked to businesses. the businesses now as a result of that decision, and it's tough when you're a leader and you actually do what you say you're going to do, we did it and we educed a 2.7 billion debt to the federal government. that's why we've got some of the best job creations jobs in the
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southeast. after years of stagnation under kay's leadership. >> senator hagan. >> speaker tell is, by doing the tax cult cuts for the wealthy you have put the burden on everybody else. when i'm talking about a sound education, speaker tillis did away with a college savings tax saving plan. he even added a sales tax to a college student's meal plan, once again hurting that individual that is trying so hard to get a degree so they can move forward. spiker tillis continuously have the wrong priorities. >> speaker tillis. >> you know, a 7% pay raise, one of the largest pay raises in a generation. that's a reality and that's math. that's something kay needs to accept. 10 years, these tax cuts are the kay's ads s kay's --
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have gotten so negative she's attacking herself. it was kay who raised taxes on the poor by imposing ail sales tax promising to make it temporary and then making it permanent. another broken promise. >> the next question goes to speaker tillis. in the wake of the unrest in ferguson, missouri following the shooting death of an unarmed african american teacher by an north carolina has received thousands of pieces of military equipment, armored vehicles, assault rifles and others. in your view, do you you see this so-called militarization of the police as a problem should the program continue? >> well, first, i think we all need to recognize the tragedy in ferguson was a tragedy, regardless of the circumstances. it's a tragedy for all the
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families involved and for the community. my heart goes out to them. we need to take a look at first responders, particularly police officers. like our men and women in uniform in military, every day they wake up willing to fulfill n oath that they will leave it -- i'm going to leave it to the rank and file members and the municipalities to determine the best way that you can keep the peace but keep these law enforcement officers safe. sure e it to them to make they're protected. we owe the police officers across the united states a debt of gratitude for what they do every single day. >> should the program continue? >> i support our police. i support our sheriffs. i support all of our first responders. i think this issue of militarization of police has gone a step too far. we immediate to look at that
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program. i also know that in many communities, especially here in north carolina, we have great communities that work together. the national conference for communities injustice brings together and they dialog to help solve these kinds of problems perfect they get started. nora, i want to go no speaker tillis's earlier comment. this has to do with mam r math ment i'm insulted by his commended. i was a vice president of a bank. even when i was a teenager i worked at my dad's tire store and did layaway for people buying tires. what i understand math. railly value our math teachers in the state and speaker tillis doesn't. >> do you want to reply to that? yeah, in 2008 senator hagan echoed that a $10 trillion debt
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disgrace.onal now our debt is at 17 trillion. that's sim ellpag. it's going to the point where it is stifling growth. it is a debt that is dragging down the economy. i might add, if it continues, it's going to harm the eachers and other folks we need to pay to do the very important jobs that they're doing. >> senator hagan, you also get a reply. >> i think speaker tillis has done such damage from his failed policies, from his favoring tax cuts to the wealthy, having to pay for that by doing away with the earned income tax credit. these burdens are being put on the middle class. i think that's wrong. the fact he didn't expand mad cade, that is going to have a
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disastrous consequences of this state because of his action. >> the candidates will have an opportunity to ask each other questions and the candidate will also have a chance to respond. it has been agreed upon that speaker tillis will receive the first question. senator hagan. >> my question is about education. speaker tillis, please explain to the people of north carolina, why your budget cut $500 million spending in order to give the tax cuts to the wealthy? >> well, kay, if you actually read the budget, you haven't read ours. we've got a 7% pay increase, which is one of the largest pay increases to teachers in the last 20 years. we've actually reduced lass room sizes by about one student. it's not enough. it's progress. you should know a lot about. when i have a bill that i
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personally was responsible to move through the house, every single democrat in the house chamber voted for an appropriations measure that sent a very clear message to teachers in north carolina. you're our priority. we made absolutely certain when we had a respectful disagreement with the senate, that we were standing firm. i'm proud of what we've done and kay's math just doesn't add up. >> senator hagan, you get to reply. >> i think people in north carolina would find that incredulous. all of the cuts that have been to our education system are harming the system. i think you want to respond on why teacher are leaves in droves. in wake county 650 teachers had left in march. that's a 44% increase from before. we have the former supersuperintendent from houston
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here to recruit teachers. speaker tillis, you don't understand my records in congress. i have gotten things done. my america works jobs bill passed. my tuition assistance benefit for our military passed. all of these bills were bipartisan. i worked with republicans to get them done and that is effective legislation. >> speaker tillis, you also get a reply. >> you know, i just think again that senator hagan really needs to understand and maybe spend some more time back in the state, understanding the great things we've done in this state by making the difficult decisions in 2011, we were able to provide the single largest pay increases for teachers in 20 years. we are working on classroom funding. but the problem remains that kay hagan's consent and support for the department of education's overreach has taken money out of the classrooms and given it to
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bureaucrats that make $102,000 a year. >> senator hagan, in 2008, you said someone who votes with the president 92% of the time doesn't work here in north carolina. and yet since you've been in washington, you voted with president obama 95% of the time. do you believe that president obama has done great things for north carolina and do you support what he's done for the citizens of north carolina? >> you know, folks, speaker tillis is certainly misleading you about my record and he is misleading you about his record too. his 7% raise, if you were a senior teacher, meaning over 20, 25 years, you would get a .3%. he's done away with long jeffity scales. even even the individual say the way you have calculated these issues has changed for the first
7:46 pm
time in 1933 and it's the worst thing they've ever seen in north carolina. now let me talk to you about what you're saying about the president. i want people to know i am the most moderate senator in the nation, the nonbipartisan national journal has ranked me that because of my ability to work across the aisle and get things done. i stand with the president when it's right for north carolina. but let me tell you, i stand with the people of north carolina when it's right for the people of north carolina. and i voted against the resident and my party. i told the president we need to build the keystone pipeline. >> speaker tillis. >> kay hagan has voted with president obama 95% of the time. she's broken the promise and she didn't answer the question. i think the real answer is she probably regrets the fact she's been a rubber stamp for harry reid and barack obama. you can't vote 95% with president obama and say you're
7:47 pm
moderate or independent. the only instance of independence i've seen is independence from the citizens of north carolina. she seems like she's gone to washington to represent their interest and not our interest. kay hagan has failed the people of north carolina because she's missed the fact that it matters to be here. it matters to talk to those businesses. it matters to provide historic pay raise. these are things that kay hagan neeleds to come home and see the great things we've been doing in north carolina since she's gone to washington. >> senator hagan would you like to address that charge that you voted with the president 95% of the time? >> certainly, nora. i have stood up to the president and my party when it's right for north carolina. i told the president we need to build the keystone pipeline. i voted against my own party's budget when there were too deep of cuts to our military. i have today up for the people of north carolina. i held a town call meeting in
7:48 pm
every 100 counties in north carolina. i know the people of north carolina and i support them. i represent them. and i am their voice in the senate. >> senator hagan, your next question now for speaker tillis. >> speaker tillis, you have consistently made this more difficult for women to access birth control. you defunded planned parenthood and have said that employers should be able to deny coverage of birth control. speaker tillis, it's 2014. why did you work to make birth control so unaccessible? >> senator hagan may not have been paying attention in the earlier question but what i said prodder d to provide access and work to lower the cost of contraception. that's what i said. as a matter of fact, maybe we should talk about the extent to which you can separate yourself from big pharmaceutical companies who are supporting your campaign and start talking about lower cost alternatives.
7:49 pm
the american medical association has said that they're safe, they're effective and they should be allowed to be provided. we all know that when you provide broader access that prices go down. this is the way that you actually increase access and provide more women more opportunities and more choices. >> senator hagan. >> thank you, nora. you know, i think once again speaker tillis just doesn't understand the needs of women. the fact that he supports the hobby lobby decision that does allow an employer to deb eye -- deny access for birth control to their employees. i would certainly support over the counter contraceptives but i want it to be part of the prescription plan. once again, women are stuck holding the bill. we would have to pay out of pocket which all of the situations would not.
7:50 pm
i think speaker tillis has the wrong priorities. >> speaker tillis, would you like to reply to that? >> it was fascinating because if you weren't paying attention you may not have heard it. but what kay did this is what she's did with obamacarelet on the one hand she says she supports broad access on the counter. on the other hand she says it needs to be rolled into a drug prescription program. that's not new to kay. take a look at kay in 200 and take a look at kay of 20 4. kay 1.0. kay 2.0. at the end of the day, we need to say what we mean and we need to execute. i don't think kay has. she's failed north carolina on this and many other scores. >> senator hagan, when you were out selling obamacare, you went before the public on 24 different occasions and you said if you like your health care, you can keep it.
7:51 pm
in some cases you said if you like your doctor you can keep it. but now we all know that that wasn't true. my question to -- that was a promise made to the citizens of north carolina. at what point did you realize it wasn't true and why didn't you explain yourself at that point? >> speaker tillis, you must not be paying attention. as i said some insurance company were not being up front with their consumers. i took action last fall. i sponsored legislation to allow those plans to be made permanent. and speaker tillis, if you were following what happened in north carolina, you would know people in north carolina are allowed to keep those plans. but what i think people in north carolina really need to understand is that speaker tillis would take us back to a broken system. he would take us back to a time when seniors paid more for prescription coverage than they do today. woim e women would automatically
7:52 pm
pay more for their coverage than men. and if you had a preexisting condition, forget about the availability of health insurance. speaker tillis also would reopen the donut hole. he supports a budget that would turn medicare into a voucher program which would mean financial insecurity for our seniors. speaker tillis wants to take us back to a broken system. >> speaker tillis, do you want to address that? >> senator hagan probably knows 85% of all health care decisions made in the households are made by women. senator hagan needs to talk to these women and explain why the government has determined a health care policy they were satisfied with is no longer fits the bill and that justifies her broken promises -- promise. that's what she said. we're justifying someone who broke a promise to the citizens of north carolina. if i like my health care, why do i care what kay hagan thinks about it? if i'm satisfied with it, if
7:53 pm
it's serving my family's need. the women who opened up 475,000 cancellation notices are wondering why. i was happy with it. now i'm not sure if i can keep my same doctor. now i know my policy is going to change. and in september and october, you're going to see your insurance rates go up by 11% because kay knows best. i don't believe that. i believe you know best. >> senator hagan, you get to reply. >> senator tillis would turn senior medicare into a bachelor program. senior tillis -- speaker tillis denied access to medicare coverage to 5,000 people in this state. people need help. and the fact that speaker tillis said no -- the problem is that is going to increase costs. these people still get sick, they will go to the emergency room. that's where everybody's cost will increase. >> thank you.
7:54 pm
with that we have concluded the candidate question part of the debate. now we are going to ask each candidate to take 90 seconds for closing statements. and we'll begin with senator hagan. >> thank you, nora. and voters, thanks again for tuning in. i want to tell a story about results that i've taken. i heard from our men and women in duty at fort bragg that they were going to lose a tuition assistance benefit that allowed them to take one college class a semester. they found out due to seek west ation that they would be denied this. i immediately got to work on this problem. and i worked with republican senators from oklahoma. within two weeks, we had an amendment that was on the senate floor. passed. it passed the house and it was signed into law by the president, within two weeks. it shows once again that i am the most moderate senator. that i can work across the aisle and get things done. get results for the people of
7:55 pm
north carolina. the most amazing thing, i landed that weekend coming home from washington back to north carolina and i had more mothers and more wives who came up to me at the airport, sought me out and said senator hagan, we were so worried about -- one woman said i am so worried about how my son was going to finish his college degree. thank you. you know folks, over 50,000 men and women have gotten their college degree under this program. and i know how important it is because i know how important education is. i worked across the aisle, got something down and i am proud of that. voters, i ask for your support so i can continue representing you, putting the middle class first and making the economy work for everyone. thank you. >> thank you, senator hagan. speaker tillis your closing statement. >> i want to thank you nora. i want to take senator hagan and
7:56 pm
her and chip are very good people. we just have very visions. i came up -- i had a wonderful childhood but it wasn't always easy. i've been a paper boy, a short order cook. when i glad ated from high school, i didn't go to college. i was working in a warehouse and living in a trailer park. and over 16 years and five different institutions i finally received my degree. along the way i met my beautiful wife susan and i had two children. i have realized the american dream. i want to go to washington and make sure every single american et to realize their dream. senator hagan has failed the people of north carolina and that's why i'm running for the u.s. senate. when i went to raleigh, i fulfilled my promises. i worked with the -- them and
7:57 pm
showed them respect. over a few short years, they elected me the steek e speaker of house. i want to make america great again. we live on the greatest nation on the face of this ench. we can return this nation to greatness. i'm thom tillis. i'm asking for your vet. thank you. god bless you. and god bless the united states. >> thank you speaker tillis and senator hague afpblet the candidates will participate in a second debate on october 7. this was brought to you by the north carolina's association education foundation. on behalf of all of us. thank you for watching and don't forget to vote. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2014] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute] >> our came pain 2014 coverage continues tomorrow night with
7:58 pm
erry brown faces neel sp kashkari. the hill is reporting that the democrat in the kansas submit race has dropped out. is between pat roberts greg ormond and -- the headline says democrats could ironically hold the senate if one of their own andidates drops out. it shows businessman greg orm and leading senator roberts by 10 percentage points. the democrat nominee chad tiller who dropped out of the race trailed by 4 points. the piece suggested that ormond could prevent a republican
7:59 pm
akeover of the upper change. >> here is some highlight for this coming weekend. friday, live at 10:00 a.m. eastern on cspan. the nebraska supreme court will hear oral argument on the keystone pipeline. saturday, the commune indicators former f.c.c. commissioners. sunday at noon, debates between democratic senator kay hagan and her republican opponent thom tillis. nd the california governor nominees. saturday, on book tv afterwards mike gonzalez and how he thinks republicans could make gains for the hispanic vote.
8:00 pm
sunday at noon mary francis bury. friday night on american history tv on cspan 3 talks about the burning of washington during the saturday, on real america. the building of the hoover dam. the anniversary of gerald ford. programsow about the you're watching. at like us on facebook and follow us on twitter. >> coming up, a look at sexual assault on college campuses and what is being done. about theson talks threat of isis and al


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